Privacy Policy

revised August 31, 2006

Martingale Research Corporation is committed to maintaining your privacy. The following is a privacy policy describing what personal information we collect, how we use it, and your options regarding information we may collect about you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Information collected from all visitors

While you are on our site, anonymous information such as system information and pages loaded will be gathered. In addition, we track the path you take as you browse through the website by analysis of the anonymous information we collect. This information is used in aggregate to administrate and improve the website.

Martingale Research Corporation collects this information for private use and does not share its analyses with outside parties.

Information submitted voluntarily

Martingale Research's feedback form requires a name and email address to be submitted. Other information is optional and will not be used unless you express a desire to be contacted by a means other than email. Your name and email address are used only to respond, if needed, to your feedback. Any other information collected by the feedback form is for the purposes of ensuring security while you are submitting your feedback and will not be stored. No information collected from the feedback form can be connected to the anonymous usage statistics we keep.

We do not share any information with anyone outside of Martingale Research Corporation. We will not contact you using this information except to respond to your feedback, or in response to further requests for information.

Personally identifying information is stored indefinitely in a secure database which we do not share. Comments may be stripped of all personally identifying information and shared.


Presently, Martingale Research Corporation uses no cookies on its website.

There is no opt-out available for either anonymous information or voluntarily submitted information, but you may request your personal information be removed from our database by emailing and indicating the email address your information is associated with. You will receive one email confirming your removal.

Martingale Research Corporation will follow the practices above regarding information collected, unless required by law to do otherwise.

Consent and Changes to this policy

By visiting this website, you consent to the collection and usage of your information as described by this policy.

Any updated versions of this policy will be posted on the Privacy Policy section of this website. The effective date of the last update will be indicated at the top of the policy.

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